Criminal Defense, Family Law and Landlord-Tenant Dispute Attorney

Facing a difficult legal issue can be overwhelming. If you are dealing with criminal charges, are going through a divorce or need assistance with child custody planning, The Law Office of John Bickham is here to help. From our office in Odessa, we serve clients throughout The Permian Basin and West Texas.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you've ever been arrested it is important to speak to an attorney. No matter how small a criminal charge may seem, it is always a good idea to meet with an attorney and know your rights.

John Bickham will meet with you to get more knowledge on the situation and together come up with a solution that has your best interest. Whether that is going to trial or negotiating a plea deal, attorney John Bickham will fight and try to minimize the charges charged against you.

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Family Law Attorney

In the event you decide legal separation is the way to go do not hesitate to look for an attorney. Family law disputes can be stressful and overwhelming for clients. Most of the time emotions get in the way of making decisions that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Here at the Law Office of John Bickham we understand you are going through a difficult time and once meeting with you we will strive together to get the best results so that you can move on stress free.

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Attorney for Landlord/Tenant Disputes

In the Permian Basin there are a broad amount of relationships between landlords and tenants. Both landlord and tenants are controlled by bodies of laws and regulations.

Whether you are trying to evict someone or you, yourself are being evicted attorney John Bickham will sit with you and together decide the best route to go.

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